Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Outfit Post for 2/15/2012

It's just another school day. My outfits for school almost always consist of a t-shirt and some type of black pants. Mainly because my schools rules on dress code are so strict, I'm surprised they even let me wear my choker and spiked bracelets. Sadly, no skulls (they consider that 'Satanic' and 'Rockstarish') aloud here though. I heard you gasp, and I know what your thinking. "That's just a big load of  bat doodie." Your absolutely right. Anyways here's what I am wearing for today. Purple and black are the colors of the day:

Purple and black Classic Vans from the vans outlet or $45 online. Somewhat cheaper at the store
Black pants my grandma made for me- Priceless
You can't see them but I'm wearing black and purple striped knee socks from Wal-greens I got around Halloween time- $2
Shoes and Pants
The same bracelets and choker I wore in the last post that are mostly from last outfit post for prices
Purple DC Jacket from my mom- It was a x-mas gift but I'm sure it wasn't much over $15
Batman t-shirt from hottopic- $25 (overpriced as usual...But I love Batman so it was worth it)
Purple and black striped arm warmers with cute little green spiders crawling on both sides. These were actually socks, but I never wore them so I just cut off the foot part and wore them as arm warmers. Creative, no?- $2

So that's what I'm wearing for school today. I pretty much look like this every school day. I'll post more outfit posts when I get better clothes or feel like dressing up. :3


  1. I like your shirt. Batman was the ultimate Goth. :3

  2. I LOVE Batman! From '90! Batman, Spider-man and He- man were the best! :D

    1. :3 They are awesome, but with spider-man I personally think he shouldv'e kept the black suit. He looked pretty awesome.