Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Have A Lot Of Work To Do

This is a very short post, but I just wanted to let you know that I wont be able to post till Friday. If we're lucky I'll post before then, but have TONS of homework I need to get done so it doesn't look very likely. Until then, you should read my older posts or go read a different blog.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Need Ideas For Pants

I really would love to have some cool looking DIY pants, but unfortunately all I know how to do is burn, slice, and safety pin things. My mom doesn't like the slicing and burning part. I've tried learning how to sew many times and I failed many times. I was just wondering if you guys have any other methods of creating interesting DIY pants. I also like the whole bondage look, but I don't know where I can find straps or zippers.
Image Detail
Image Detail
For the ladies
Image Detail
Not really my style, but I like how she dyed them.
Image Detail
These are Tripp pants, but I still think they look cool. Plus they're purple which makes them even cooler. :)
Image Detail

Keek Anyone?

Have any of you heard of this new site called keek.com? It's basically like twitter, but instead of statuses it's 36 second videos. I usually try not to get on any other social networking sites but this one seemed interesting. Plus I was extremely bored when I heard about it, so I made one. Here is my second video I made. Unfortunately I can't actually put the video here, I can only put a link to it. So if your interested you should check it out. It's just about the things I got from San Fransisco. I forgot to show my spiked wristband and I was freaking out because I was running out of time. I should work on my time management skills, heh.


San Fransisco Trip Final Days

Hey sorry guys. I know I haven't been on in a few days, but I've been real busy. The last few days of my trip were really interesting. I went to this art place and it was really cool. I don't have very many pictures of it though. Sorry I kinda got caught up in how awesome the place was. I also went to a beach for the first time in my life. I saw the crookedest street in America. I bought a a lot of cool things also. Like a spiked belt, half hockey mask thing, tiny skull for my room, purple and black peace bracelet, troll face t-shirt, and a spike studded bracelet. I don't have pictures of them now, but expect pictures in the future. I went to the Alcatraz prison.

If you don't get it, look at the black part

The real Scarface

Can you imagine having a library this small? It's terrible

Lombard Street (very crooked street)


Sunday, March 11, 2012

San Fran Trip Day 1-3 Pic Spam

Grandma and the Bay Bridge

The last time I wore my sunglasses

That's my "Da Fuq?" face

My brother and his derpy smile lol


San Fransisco Trip Day 3

Today we went to some science center that had an aquarium and other animals. They had a lot of plants too. We went to a pizza place called Golden Boys. It is the best pizza place in San Fransisco, don't let anybody tell you differently. We also found a cool place that reminds me of Spencer's. They have tons of t-shirts and other things there. I got a black Trollface t-shirt. I think I have made up my mind that I want to live here when I'm older. It's a really great city. But it is freezing here, lol. I got my picture taken about four times. I have the picture of one of them. Today was another purple day, but this time I added these purple and black bracers I got from Hot Topic for about $10. Also, I wore my brothers sunglasses since my awesome coffin pair broke... *sniff*. Enough talk, picture time.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

San Fransisco Trip Day 2

So you know those sunglasses you loved so much? They broke :/ Which really sucks because we walk outside a lot and I need some sunglasses, but now I don't have any. Anyway for the second day we walked around to get breakfast, but ended up skipping it and getting energy drinks instead. Later we did stop at a taco place and it was pretty good. After that, we walked and rode the buses to a pier that has a cruise. We went on the cruise and it took us to the Golden Gate Bridge. It also took us by Alcatraz. Soon were going to tour the inside. Some people say that its haunted. After the cruise we went to Pier 39 to eat, but first we stopped at some stores. I didn't buy anything yet, but I saw some cool things. They had a knife store with joker cards that are sharp like blades, and they had batarang pocket-knives. They also had tiny skulls that were $5 each which I'm gonna get for my room. :) I also saw a place with tons of statues of dragons, wizards, and faeries (oh my!) We got on the cable cars again and I saw a bunch of homeless guys. I felt sorry for them :( We finally found a somewhat cheap seafood restaurant and it was delicious. We also went to the aquarium. Here are the pictures from the day.

Golden Gate Bridge


So awesome. They have other masks and specialty blades also.

Go ahead. Start drooling. (The store is huge, this is just a super tiny piece of it.)

Seals at Fishermans Wharf