Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Problems

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You know what I don't get? When people discriminate against goths of colors. I hate feeling like I have to prove myself to both goth and non-goth people. Or even worse like in my situation, when your friends or family say "you got that from white people." That kind of stuff really pisses me off. I hate comments like that because it's not true. I've been interested in things considered 'gothy' since 4th grade. The first visual inspiration I've ever seen was from this band my friend introduced me to called Black Fire. Of course they play punk rock or 'alter-Native' as they call it, but that and Lenny Kravitz started my whole interest in getting into the whole alternative music thing. Then, of course, my music interests expanded as I grew older and (somewhat) wiser about what exactly it is I like in music. I studied the band pictures on the internet trying to be like them as much as I could and was comfortable with. That's what made me who I am today. Music. Not 'white people.'  My parents also think that I'm not proud of who I am and that I wish to change my race. This is also not true. I am very proud to be of the African-American race. Yes, I loathe the racist comments and stereotypes that come along with it, but everybody has had their share of hate splashed on their faces. (Some more than they deserve.) Also, sometimes I get the comment "you can't be goth, your not pale enough." To which I reply "Well I'm so goth I was born black." That usually sends them off in laughter. To me it was funny the first few times I say it, but it's getting old fast. I'm going to end this post by saying thank you for using your time to read my blog and there will be more posts to look forward to. That's it for today.


  1. People who say Goths need to have pale skin usually don't know anything about the subculture. In my opinion you are just as Goth as any deathly pale skinned kid reading poetry in a grave yard at midnight.

    And on a completely other page how do you change what the followers bar says???

    1. :) Thank you!!

      And I just went to the Layout tab when I'm looking at 'my blogs' and just click Edit