Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Idioms Paper

I had to write a paper yesterday. I was supposed to add at least 3 idioms while writting about whatever it was I could come up with, as long as it was school appropriate. I don't think I'm good at writing, but my teacher said that she liked it. What do you think?

Bullies pick on the weak, kids get expelled for drug possession, and terrible rumors get spread around. This is the daily life of a typical high school. As you can see, there is a lot of drama in high school. Just like this scenario for instance. 

Dante gets bullied a lot in school for being different in various ways. He is intelligent and very emotional and feels that he should tell his problems to someone, but his parents don’t seem to care. So he turns to his friends for help and advice on how to make it through his last few years of school. The friend that he trusts the most though is a boy named Don, short for Donovan. Dante’s other friends don’t particularly like Don. Jennifer, Dante’s other friend, describes Donovan as shady and untrustworthy. She warns Dante that Don talks out of both sides of his mouth, sees red over worthless things, and cannot be trusted. Dante doesn’t listen because the boys have known each other since kindergarten.

One day, he has big news. The girl of his dreams, Victoria, has finally started to notice and speak to him. Don has known for a long period of time that Dante is practically in love with Victoria, but at the same time he has developed feelings for her. When he heard Dante’s news it started to rub him the wrong way. But, despite Dante’s trust that’s in Don, he keeps his emotions about the situation bottled up and decides to not tell Dante how he feels. 

Eventually, Dante builds up the courage to ask Victoria to the Valentine’s Day dance. She says yes which makes Dante a happy camper. Donovan gets extremely peeved about this and starts to spread embarrassing stories and secrets that Dante has shared with him. When the rumors get around to Dante, he is very hurt and cannot believe the things that he is hearing. “My best friend,” he thinks, “The guy that I have trusted with everything. My whole life. Would go and do something like this over a girl? I made him promise not to tell anyone and he stabbed me in my back.” He then realizes that it is true what they say. Actions speak louder than words. 

He also learns that you should take note of what many other people say about someone so you don’t get hurt again and don’t put your trust in the wrong people. Regardless of how long you have known that person. Also, gauge a person actions and reactions to things to see how that person is like. This is not saying you shouldn’t trust anybody. This is simply stating that you should trust the right people to prevent future problems. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure.


  1. Well Done. Your teacher is right it is good. At 465 words it’s certainly more than I would have done at you age. It’s also good that now-a-days kids can talk about bullying; we never even dare mention the word as it was a sign of weakness.

    1. Yeah my school is all about being a bully-free zone and whatnot...even though it still happens. And thank you :)