Monday, February 13, 2012

My first outfit post for 2/12/2012

So I went to this birthday party for my moms friends daughter. She just turned 12. She's really sweet. Anyways we went to a wing place and while everybody else wore a t-shirt and jeans, I decided to dress up a bit more than that (sorta...not really I guess.)(I'm not really good at taking pictures, ugh) But this is what I wore:
With jacket and hat
 Black vest from H&M-$10
My brothers Zoo York button down-about $15
My moms Leather jacket -not sure how much (sorry)
Leather cone stud choker from$6
Without jacket

Without jacket or hat

Leather wristband from Hottopic-$5
Black gummy bands from walmart-$1 for a pack of 10 (or $3 for 12 @
1 Red conical stud leather band from$3
1 Black skull stud leather band from$7
Black and white skull belt from antique store-$14
Jeans and shoes. I wear these jeans too much. I need more pants Lol
Black Rockport dressy shoes-I don't know, they where a gift.
Grey jeans from old navy-$10 (on sale yay)
Silver ankh necklace from$11
A close up of my favorite shoes (until I get some bad-ass boots :) )
Grey barbwire gummies from redhaze-$5 for 6
Hat from JCPenny's- About $20

Now I'm not THAT into the whole make-up thing, but I did wear Loreal telescopic explosion mascara because I like the way I look with it on (even if only I can tell.)
I do plan on experimenting with makeup as soon as I'm out of my parents house so in about two years look forward to posts on that :3