Monday, February 27, 2012

This Tag Thing

Hehe I got tagged in this thing by Bored_Homeschooler. I'm kinda late, but I'm gonna do it anyway.

How does it work?
  • Post the rules on your blog
  • Write 11 things about you
  • Answer it
  • Create 11 new questions for the future tagged ones
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11 things about me
  1. I like animals. ALL animals.
  2. My favorite color changes alot. (Green, orange, red, now purple.) But I think I'm going to stuck with purple for a while.
  3. As cliche as it is, I am very lucky my mother let me paint my room grey. (It's a light grey, but better than nothing.)
  4. I honestly only like about 6 of Siouxsie and The Banshees' songs, But I LOVE all of Bauhaus' songs <3
  5. As stereotypical as it is, I tend to wear black all day (almost) everyday. (Yes even my jammies. Lol)
  6. I am a manga lover.
  7. I still watch cartoons when I'm not reading.
  8. I love Degrassi
  9. Sometimes I when I drink red juice I like to pretend it's blood...hehe
  10. If I tell myself I'm going to save money for something, ex: Demonia boots, I almost always spend it on something I feel I need at that moment.
  11. I have too many bracelets for my own good.
The 11 questions from Bored_Homeschooler

1.Favorite food?
Pizza. Always. And forever.

2.If you(and I have to ask) were stuck on an Island,and you could only bring five books,what books would you bring?
The Chronicles of Vladmir Tod (Book 3,) A Monster Calls, Frankenstein, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Wicca for the Solitary Practioner

3. Does it annoy you how many social networking sites there are nowadays?
*sigh* Yes, it does. I mean just when I started to get the hang of Myspace, everybody switched to facebook. Now there is a new one out. I can't recall the name though...Starts with a 'P.'

4.Two musical bands or artist you wish to see live?
Emilie Autumn and... I guess Slipknot. I heard they are pretty cool live.

5.If you could bring one person,from any period of time,back from the dead,who would it be?
My grandfather. He died when my mom was 2 weeks old. From what grandma tells me, we would get along pretty well.

6.Are you religious?
Well I go to church with my family and I was raised Christian, but I consider myself Agnostic.

7.Favorite TV show?

8.Coke or pepsi?
Sprite... Lol Coke I guess.

9.If you could pick anyway to die,what would it be?
Ummm...I'm not sure. Standing up for what I believe in and some guy takes his opinions too seriously and he shoots me or something. Lol that's the best I can come up with.

10.Do you believe in ghost?

11.Favorite Author?
Heather Brewer for now.
My 11

  1. Favorite color?
  2. Favorite band/song of all time?
  3. What's the worst way you found out your friends aren't really your friends?
  4. Do you stay up late sometimes?
  5. Favorite animal?
  6. What's the outfit you feel the most proud of when you wear it?
  7. What's the saddest movie you have watched? Either made you cry, or just a terrible movie.
  8. What is your favorite place to hangout or relax? Either alone or with friends.
  9. What do you do in your free time?
  10. The worst book you have read, but managed to get through?
  11. Who is an artist or band you wish would just take their crappy music and go live in a cave?
Whom shall I tag? (I might not be able to get 11)
You don't haveto do this if you don't want to. It's just for fun. But for the people reading this, You really should enjoy these blogs.

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My Tattoo

So if you read my hair post earlier you would know that I plan on getting a tattoo soon. Originally it was going to be my zodiac sign, but now I convinced my mom to let me get a bat X3 I'm really excited about it. She was just worried that I would get a bunch of random tattoos that have no meaning which would be pointless. So I explained to her that in some cultures bats are considered to be good luck. I didn't just say this to change her mind, I said this because I also consider bats to be good luck. I'm not going to get it when I wanted to, which would be after my birthday. (It's next Tuesday by the way.) But it will be soon. Your probably thinking "stop rambling and show me what it's gonna look like already!" Well here you go.

I'm going to get it on my left shoulder. (She also didn't want it in obvious places because of future jobs.) It will be about the length of my thumb. When I get it I will post pictures.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Sky Picture Post + 1 Unrelated Picture

Here are your pictures you were waiting for.

An evening at the library

It was really sunny today

My friend insisted that I take a picture of me with a rose in my hair and post it here. So here it is. Am I pretty? Lol

I wish I took a picture of the moon last night. I was wondering if anyone in the States (mainly Texas) noticed that the moon look like Chesire Cat's smile...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Idioms Paper

I had to write a paper yesterday. I was supposed to add at least 3 idioms while writting about whatever it was I could come up with, as long as it was school appropriate. I don't think I'm good at writing, but my teacher said that she liked it. What do you think?

Bullies pick on the weak, kids get expelled for drug possession, and terrible rumors get spread around. This is the daily life of a typical high school. As you can see, there is a lot of drama in high school. Just like this scenario for instance. 

Dante gets bullied a lot in school for being different in various ways. He is intelligent and very emotional and feels that he should tell his problems to someone, but his parents don’t seem to care. So he turns to his friends for help and advice on how to make it through his last few years of school. The friend that he trusts the most though is a boy named Don, short for Donovan. Dante’s other friends don’t particularly like Don. Jennifer, Dante’s other friend, describes Donovan as shady and untrustworthy. She warns Dante that Don talks out of both sides of his mouth, sees red over worthless things, and cannot be trusted. Dante doesn’t listen because the boys have known each other since kindergarten.

One day, he has big news. The girl of his dreams, Victoria, has finally started to notice and speak to him. Don has known for a long period of time that Dante is practically in love with Victoria, but at the same time he has developed feelings for her. When he heard Dante’s news it started to rub him the wrong way. But, despite Dante’s trust that’s in Don, he keeps his emotions about the situation bottled up and decides to not tell Dante how he feels. 

Eventually, Dante builds up the courage to ask Victoria to the Valentine’s Day dance. She says yes which makes Dante a happy camper. Donovan gets extremely peeved about this and starts to spread embarrassing stories and secrets that Dante has shared with him. When the rumors get around to Dante, he is very hurt and cannot believe the things that he is hearing. “My best friend,” he thinks, “The guy that I have trusted with everything. My whole life. Would go and do something like this over a girl? I made him promise not to tell anyone and he stabbed me in my back.” He then realizes that it is true what they say. Actions speak louder than words. 

He also learns that you should take note of what many other people say about someone so you don’t get hurt again and don’t put your trust in the wrong people. Regardless of how long you have known that person. Also, gauge a person actions and reactions to things to see how that person is like. This is not saying you shouldn’t trust anybody. This is simply stating that you should trust the right people to prevent future problems. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My modded pants (and I guess another outfit post) 2/18/2012

I have had these pair of skinny jeans for a while. Actually they aren't jeans since they are not made of denim. But anyway I've had them for a while and I felt like I needed to do something to them. So I got a pair of scissors and sliced 'em up. But they didn't look how I planned, so I washed them a couple of times to make the rips look frayed (I think that's the right word.) They STILL didn't look the way I wanted them to. So I added safety pins. (You can never go wrong with safety pins.) Then after strategically adding alot of safety pins to my pants, (they could use more,) they looked like this.

The pictures are terrible. (Still waiting for the new camera I want.) But hopefully you can somewhat tell how they look. This is what I wore to a party at my cousins house (a lot of little children were commenting and complementing on these pants. :) ) I also made this out of two pairs of tights. The top layer is thinner than the bottom layer.
I think they look really awesome. What do you think? I also wore a t-shirt from that said "Tom is my only friend" It's a myspace joke (since not really many people use one anymore. I still have mine.)
Also, sorry if you were hoping for something to read this weekend. I was reading and catching up on homework that I missed. In closing I will post a random picture of a rose that I took at the library.
The sun is like that on purpose.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Buddy Poke Facebook Fun

I don't know if you have heard of this or not, but there is a 'game' on facebook called Buddy Poke. It' s a really cool thing where you can make your own avatar, turtle, panda, dog, car, and robot and you can make them do different things with your friends or by yourself. You can also take pictures and make shirts out of them. You can also print off little paper versions of your person and make a cute 3D model of it. This might seem lame to some of you, but I am real big on things where you can make another version (or exact version) of yourself. Just like the anime based site But that's a totally different story. So I decided to post a few pictures I took of my avatar on here for you to see :3 Your welcome.

Sorry if I slowed down your computer with all these...But if you have a facebook you should definitely play this..

My Pictures

Okay so I have been taking random pictures of the sky and other things. I'm not sure why I do, but sometimes when it looks a certain way, or when clouds are shaped in a interesting forms I just HAVE to take a picture. So here they are. I know they are not that good, but they are from my cellphone camera.  Also, I'm no professional obviously..

Just another blue sky...It looks like the clouds are trying to make the anarchy symbol

I just got out of church when I took this. I like cloudy and rainy days best.

This was after school...Well a while after school..But I thought it looked really pretty. Don't you?

This is a spot really close to my house. I almost always go here to read or sometimes just walk around and enjoy nature while listening to Bauhaus on my iPod. :)  (I promise it looks better in person.)
This was a night when I decided to take a walk and clear my mind. I really like this picture.

Okay, I obviously didn't take this picture, but my gay friend sent this to me and I thought it was hilarious.

A cloudy school day. I think I did this at lunch. I always sit outside at lunch because it's always really pretty outside (and there's less people)

The moon looks absolutely gorgeous here :)

Those are my pictures of [mostly] the sky. If you would like to see more of my pictures in the future, let me know and I will post more. :3

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Need Help With My Hair

I don't know if you looked at my profile picture or noticed my hair in my outfit posts or not, but I plan on growing dreads. I've been thinking about this for a while and thinking up the pros and cons of having dreads. One of the cons were that you can't wash your hair. Well I like to have clean hair. So I talked to my stylist about that. She gave me some kind of herbal hair 'shampoo' to put in my hair that cleans it without getting it wet and screwing up the style. So that's taken care of.

(Source:Google) I would love to have my hair this color along with black...

(Source: Google)...Or even this color looks pretty cool.

Another con for me personally is that my mother won't let me die my hair an unnatural hair color. I'm not sure if you can tell or not, but my favorite color is purple and I think it would be "totally rad" if I could have purple and black dreads. But she just won't budge. So I was wondering if any of you know of cool looking hair colors that are natural other than blonde, brown, and black. Hopefully I can talk her out of her decision like I did with my tattoo decision, (more about that around my birthday, March the 6th. I'm getting a cute little bat on my shoulder X3.) Of course, when I move out it will be a new color practically every month. But until then I need your help. :(

Babybat Poem Post #6 (The last one. I promise I'm done torturing you)

Okay so this is the last poem I've ever written ever...Nothing much to say here so *click*:

Lights are dim,
My mind is mixed, I'm feeling grim.
My emotions uncontrollable, I'm about to take a swim,
Into this sea of complication
A place of permanent vacation,
A room locked up filled with all of my implications.
Why does it have to be me, I know this is my mind, I know This is my head..
But what is there left for me, disappear or play dead?
I’m tired of all this acting, smile and play nice.
But pretty soon I’m gonna explode another disaster like the titanic except a bigger piece of ice.
My life is a game and I’m just a pawn.
Pretty soon I’m gonna lose, and then I’ll be gone.
All it takes is a gust of wind, just another small sin,
And then Ill be down, unable to get back up, forever pinned.
I’m fighting a hopeless battle, a lost cause,
Loss is near so death is beginning to open it’s mouth and swallow me whole, tightening it’s jaws.
I’m getting ready to fall,
All there is left for me is emptiness, and no’one to stop me, no’one to stall.
My lights are blinking just about to go out..
I’m closing my eyes clutching myself tightly my face set in a sad pout.
But then a flicker, of light,
Maybe I don’t have to go down this road, I’m starting to really see, life is a amazing sight,
And its worth putting up a fight.
I step back, suddenly afraid of death, slowly, I step away from the rope,
Then my foot slips, I fall back, my breathing tightens and I fade away as I lose all hope.

So that's the last poem I will ever post (unless for some odd reason I think I'm actually a good writer and start again.) For those of you who loved it, I'm sorry. For those of you who hated it...still sorry.

Outfit Post for 2/15/2012

It's just another school day. My outfits for school almost always consist of a t-shirt and some type of black pants. Mainly because my schools rules on dress code are so strict, I'm surprised they even let me wear my choker and spiked bracelets. Sadly, no skulls (they consider that 'Satanic' and 'Rockstarish') aloud here though. I heard you gasp, and I know what your thinking. "That's just a big load of  bat doodie." Your absolutely right. Anyways here's what I am wearing for today. Purple and black are the colors of the day:

Purple and black Classic Vans from the vans outlet or $45 online. Somewhat cheaper at the store
Black pants my grandma made for me- Priceless
You can't see them but I'm wearing black and purple striped knee socks from Wal-greens I got around Halloween time- $2
Shoes and Pants
The same bracelets and choker I wore in the last post that are mostly from last outfit post for prices
Purple DC Jacket from my mom- It was a x-mas gift but I'm sure it wasn't much over $15
Batman t-shirt from hottopic- $25 (overpriced as usual...But I love Batman so it was worth it)
Purple and black striped arm warmers with cute little green spiders crawling on both sides. These were actually socks, but I never wore them so I just cut off the foot part and wore them as arm warmers. Creative, no?- $2

So that's what I'm wearing for school today. I pretty much look like this every school day. I'll post more outfit posts when I get better clothes or feel like dressing up. :3

Babybat Poem Post #5

This? Oh it's just another break-up poem. Hey since we're on the subject, you wanna know a secret? *whispers* I've never broken up with a girl before. Honestly, I haven't. Every time my relationships end it's always either they lose interest, or they cheat on me.... :/ Anyways, here's the poem:

You are forever buried in a chasm of darkness,
Your name will be a lasting curse to me.
Hell shall devour your earthly goodness
Such a lie, you made tears a memory.

Promises you gave which never reached heaven
I loathe every damn picture of bliss
You left my heart in total unbearable burden
You poisoned me with your last kiss.

The night comforts me with an eerie feeling
But I guess everything is much brighter
In the darkness, I cast my eyes to the ceiling
And see nothing but silhouette of an ever after.

Now it's over and you leave me with open eyes
Tears rage down with hymns of lore
I still think of you despite your disturbing lies
I dream, but not of love anymore...

I can't exactly remember when I wrote this. Probably when I was 13 or something.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vampire's Day Soiree: Vampy Jewelry to Wear ^(^,..,^)^

I, as well as many other bloggers, are participating in Holly's Horrorland Vampire's Day Soiree. For those of you who don't know it's an alternative Valentine's Day event for bloggers and the theme is.....SKELETONS!!....Ha ha fooled you, it's about vampires.
I would think other people are going to talk about vampire romance novels, films, and show elegant vampy fashion. Well I'm going to hopefully do something different by showing cool vamp-friendly jewelry and other things from many different sites. (Don't worry, I'll give links.)

For the first item of interest we have a lovely Black Cloak body oil. The smell is very refreshing and dark. I actually own a bottle of this. It is listed for $14.95.
Black Cloak Immortal Body Oil from

Blood Vial Test Tube Necklace with Guardian Bats

Next we have a really cool looking Blood Vial Test Tube Necklace with Guardian Bats. The description says it is "a glass vial filled with special FX fluid that perfectly matches the appearance of blood for the ULTIMATE EFFECT! Each necklace hangs on a 22inch leather cord with silver and black stone accents. The vial has a sterling silver plated cap and is approx 1.3 inches long." The price is $12.95. This is also from

The third item I found is a Vampire Gaelic Plait Bracelet. Its a black leather wristband that has a lead-free pewter vampire bat on top that buttons closed. It is also adjustable.

Leather vampire bat braclet found at

Item number four is a Cryptiana Coffin Gothic Wrist Watch. Listed at $84, this watch features plenty coffins, two crystals, and three roses all made from lead-free pewter.

Cryptiana Coffin Gothic Wrist Watch
Coffin Wristwatch found at

British Pewter Gothic Bat Choker

The last few items are from (my personal favorite,) A British Pewter Gothic Bat Choker with a Swarovski Black Heart Crystal and adjustable chain/catch fastening. It is made from lead-free pewter also and it measures 6 1/2 inches long. The adjustable chain is 9 inches. Priced at $60.

 The next one has two different versions. It is an ankh earring, but you could get it either with a 1 1/2 inch chain or not. It's pewter, and the hook is sterling silver. Depending on which you pick the price is either $4 or $9.
Ankh ear charm
  You can't be a vampire without a bat necklace, so here is a silver plated pewter Gothic Bat Necklace. The bat pendant is hung from a stainless steel 18 inch chain priced at $14

Bat chain necklace
And last, but not least, we have an ankh ring. This ring is bronze with silver plating, and is sized from 5-10. It is not adjustable, and is about 3/4 of an inch tall. It is priced at $10.
Egyptian ankh ring
Thats it for my Vampires Day Soiree post. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it and hopefully I gave a few sites out to those who never heard of these amazing sites before. 
Now it's time to le float away to Holly's Horrorland and have a wonderful time with el bloggers :3

Monday, February 13, 2012

Babybat Poem Post #3 & 4

I can't sleep so I might as well give you guys (and ladies) something to read. I think this was the first poem I have ever written. I wrote this at the end of 6th grade which is when I REALLY started to get into the subculture, but still didn't know as much as I do know.I'm not really sure the reason why I wrote this. I think this is when I was getting bullied and I was having suicidal thoughts going in and out of my brain. (Yes I was suicidal, but it's okay. I'm fine now. That was a LONG time ago and my view on everything changed so don't worry :) )

Two shots of hate from a mouth as loud as a gun,
Like an assassin ... who does it for fun.

Two deafening blows in a war that has just begun,
Life gone away...I'm done.

Two red roses sitting on my coffin, the wind blows, leaving only one
The world I know the setting sun.

Okay, that wasn't long enough so I think I'll post another. (Your welcome :P) This one was from late 8th grade. My moms ex-fiance used to abuse me. (Your probably wondering why I'm telling you all these things. If I tell people it helps me let go) This went on for about a year in a half. I didn't tell my mom because he made her so happy and I didn't want to ruin that for her. Thankfully the wedding was called off because he was too controlling of her. But before then I wrote this:

Black Roses
This pain, for so many years,
Left me in a state impossible to shed tears.
Inside, I cried.
Within, were strings in my heart, tightly they were tied.

You could throw me, you could beat me,
You could whip me in a circle of your greed,
I could sit, wait and bleed.
My deterioration was your elation.
It's this wretched place,
It's got me crazed one way and you in many others,
For you, your heart fluttered.
For me, my mind went to the gutter.
If I could be blessed by your death,
You'd get my blessings by my last breath.
But on this day of gloom
Inside the black roses always bloom.

You love it when I abide to what you wanted,
If I resigned like a dog I'd be hunted.
Although alone I was always treated like a dog
and alone I licked my wounds
in the distance you laughed like a fool
but I could care less
nail me to the wall with you and your tools
I'd enjoy that foolish look on your face
Hell, I'd look you in the eyes and you'd question me being out of place

You could throw me, you could beat me,
You could whip me in a circle of your greed,
I could sit, wait and bleed.
My deterioration was your elation.
As these days pass soon I will disappear without a trace
And all I could hope for is never again see your face.

All I ask if my prayer is granted
that seeing your heart stop is surely a great deal of magnificence
Let alone the thought of your absence
I'd be glad to bless my own prayer one way or another
When I strike you you'd utter a small word
a yell of plea
but let's be glad in the end we'll both be set free.

I came up with the title because black roses symbolize death (if you didn't know that already.) It's a bit dark, but I hated that man. It's taken some years, but I just recently forgave him. Okay I think I gonna try to get some sleep. I've got school in the morning..well in a few hours...

Babybat Poem Post #2

First off, I would like to say that I do not like the way my title looks. It's supposed to be all curvy and what not but sometimes when I look at it it just looks plain...weird. Well here's my second poem and it's fairly short. I wrote this after my ex broke up with me a few weeks before 9th grade started. We lasted just about a year (not that you really care lol)

The Breakup
What have you done to me?
A shadow of chaos as emotions creep.
Once we enjoyed bliss,
Childlike and innocent,
But your heart drifted away.
A painful cloud of darkness -
Tears follow blood, follow hate,
Love burnt to ashes.
In a haze of sorrow,
I still love you.

I love cheesy romance movies and I guess I'm the type of guy who is always searching for my true love. Which I guess seems kinda silly 1: Because I'm only 15 and 2: Divorce rates these days are super high which makes me question if we will ever really find 'The One.' I think of marriage as a sacred thing and if I ever do get married I want her to be as close as possible to perfect. I want us to have a strong connection and never drift apart. I guess it's not silly as it gives me something to look forward to. Sorry this when from a simple poem post to a look into my innermost thoughts, but I guess that's what these blogs are for, right?

My first outfit post for 2/12/2012

So I went to this birthday party for my moms friends daughter. She just turned 12. She's really sweet. Anyways we went to a wing place and while everybody else wore a t-shirt and jeans, I decided to dress up a bit more than that (sorta...not really I guess.)(I'm not really good at taking pictures, ugh) But this is what I wore:
With jacket and hat
 Black vest from H&M-$10
My brothers Zoo York button down-about $15
My moms Leather jacket -not sure how much (sorry)
Leather cone stud choker from$6
Without jacket

Without jacket or hat

Leather wristband from Hottopic-$5
Black gummy bands from walmart-$1 for a pack of 10 (or $3 for 12 @
1 Red conical stud leather band from$3
1 Black skull stud leather band from$7
Black and white skull belt from antique store-$14
Jeans and shoes. I wear these jeans too much. I need more pants Lol
Black Rockport dressy shoes-I don't know, they where a gift.
Grey jeans from old navy-$10 (on sale yay)
Silver ankh necklace from$11
A close up of my favorite shoes (until I get some bad-ass boots :) )
Grey barbwire gummies from redhaze-$5 for 6
Hat from JCPenny's- About $20

Now I'm not THAT into the whole make-up thing, but I did wear Loreal telescopic explosion mascara because I like the way I look with it on (even if only I can tell.)
I do plan on experimenting with makeup as soon as I'm out of my parents house so in about two years look forward to posts on that :3