Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My modded pants (and I guess another outfit post) 2/18/2012

I have had these pair of skinny jeans for a while. Actually they aren't jeans since they are not made of denim. But anyway I've had them for a while and I felt like I needed to do something to them. So I got a pair of scissors and sliced 'em up. But they didn't look how I planned, so I washed them a couple of times to make the rips look frayed (I think that's the right word.) They STILL didn't look the way I wanted them to. So I added safety pins. (You can never go wrong with safety pins.) Then after strategically adding alot of safety pins to my pants, (they could use more,) they looked like this.

The pictures are terrible. (Still waiting for the new camera I want.) But hopefully you can somewhat tell how they look. This is what I wore to a party at my cousins house (a lot of little children were commenting and complementing on these pants. :) ) I also made this out of two pairs of tights. The top layer is thinner than the bottom layer.
I think they look really awesome. What do you think? I also wore a t-shirt from Imosh.com that said "Tom is my only friend" It's a myspace joke (since not really many people use one anymore. I still have mine.)
Also, sorry if you were hoping for something to read this weekend. I was reading and catching up on homework that I missed. In closing I will post a random picture of a rose that I took at the library.
The sun is like that on purpose.


  1. Cool pants.Safety pins do,in fact,make everything better.

    The picture of the rose looks awesome,getting the sun in the shot was a nice touch.