Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Babybat Poem Post #5

This? Oh it's just another break-up poem. Hey since we're on the subject, you wanna know a secret? *whispers* I've never broken up with a girl before. Honestly, I haven't. Every time my relationships end it's always either they lose interest, or they cheat on me.... :/ Anyways, here's the poem:

You are forever buried in a chasm of darkness,
Your name will be a lasting curse to me.
Hell shall devour your earthly goodness
Such a lie, you made tears a memory.

Promises you gave which never reached heaven
I loathe every damn picture of bliss
You left my heart in total unbearable burden
You poisoned me with your last kiss.

The night comforts me with an eerie feeling
But I guess everything is much brighter
In the darkness, I cast my eyes to the ceiling
And see nothing but silhouette of an ever after.

Now it's over and you leave me with open eyes
Tears rage down with hymns of lore
I still think of you despite your disturbing lies
I dream, but not of love anymore...

I can't exactly remember when I wrote this. Probably when I was 13 or something.

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