Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yesterday I was listening to my iPod and This Corrosion by The Sisters Of Mercy came on and I was singing it while rocking my poodle. My mom named her Peaches. She's super cute. The funny thing is when I was rocking her she fell asleep in my arms.
I know she isn't sleep in this picture, but she's still cute
I thought I should share that with you. Oh on a completely unrelated note, my early birthday party is Saturday. We are going to eat pizza and then go see Project X. My real birthday is Tuesday. I am turning 16.
This was on our way to my grandmothers house.
If you guys (and girls) want to see more of Peaches in the future just let me know. I'll try not to overwhelm you with her pictures.


  1. Awww! She's gorgeous! Lots more pics of her please! And happy birthday! :)