Sunday, March 11, 2012

San Fransisco Trip Day 3

Today we went to some science center that had an aquarium and other animals. They had a lot of plants too. We went to a pizza place called Golden Boys. It is the best pizza place in San Fransisco, don't let anybody tell you differently. We also found a cool place that reminds me of Spencer's. They have tons of t-shirts and other things there. I got a black Trollface t-shirt. I think I have made up my mind that I want to live here when I'm older. It's a really great city. But it is freezing here, lol. I got my picture taken about four times. I have the picture of one of them. Today was another purple day, but this time I added these purple and black bracers I got from Hot Topic for about $10. Also, I wore my brothers sunglasses since my awesome coffin pair broke... *sniff*. Enough talk, picture time.


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